10 fun and useful sock facts

1. The first socks appeared in ancient Greece, and a little later in Rome. They were made of leather and looked more like boots. Only women wore them and wore them most of all at night. And for a man to wear socks was shameful.

2. Men began to wear socks much later than women. The British warriors were the first to wear them, since in the damp climate the problem of frayed legs appeared, and it was necessary to somehow solve this problem. Here socks came to the rescue, though they began to be made using another method. It was at that time that socks became a bit softer and more comfortable.

3. Socks began to be in great demand in the 4th century. And by the 16th century they were made of silk and decorated with various decorative inserts. For ordinary people, they were too expensive, so only noble persons could afford such socks.

4. Already in 1589, the production of socks achieved great success when hosiery and knitting machines appeared, which could make up to 1200 loops per minute. The creator of such a machine is the English priest William Lee. Only Elizabeth 1 did not like this car. She felt that coarse and thick socks for commoners. But despite her opinion, the invention of the priest became very popular, then socks became available even to the poorest segments of the population.

5. Only at the beginning of the 19th century socks became more similar to modern ones. And after the end of the First World War, socks began to be made from cheaper materials. It was at that time that they transformed into the current look of socks.

6. The world capital of socks is the city of Naantali, which is located in Finland. They are still engaged in the production of socks, and almost all of its population. Most craftsmen are hereditary sock knitters.

7. Despite the fact that initially socks were considered part of the women’s wardrobe, today this item is worn by more men.

8. White socks are worn only under sports shoes. White socks combined with formal wear is considered bad form. The color of the socks needs to be matched to the color of the trousers, not the shoes

9. Bamboo socks really have an antibacterial and deodorizing effect, which is very useful for the skin of the legs.

10. The most common gift for most men are socks. However, the new product of the German company – golden brown socks for $ 1200 – can not be called a duty present. This garment is released in a limited edition – only 10 pairs.

Socks are made of the rarest and most expensive wool in the world – vicuna wool.